IEEE Control Systems magazine

Aim & Scope

As the official means of communication for the IEEE Control Systems Society, the IEEE Control Systems magazine publishes interesting, useful, and informative material on all aspects of control system technology for the benefit of control educators, practitioners, and researchers.

General Information

IEEE Control Systems magazine is the largest circulation technical periodical worldwide devoted to all aspects of control systems. The magazine publishes tutorial and expository articles on all areas of control system design and applications. Authors are encouraged to submit articles on applications, design tools, control education, and applied research.

Potential contributors to the Control Systems magazine will find the following author guide valuable: CSm Author Guide. Also, available are a Sample Article Manuscript and a Sample Article Typeset.

Authors using LaTeX for preparing their documents should download the CSm LaTex templates.

The IEEE Control Systems magazine Archive contains a wealth of material from past issues.

CSm Archive


Jonathan How

Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Control Systems magazine